kat (tink7) wrote,

Sometimes I ramble...

This week has been so shitty, that i want to get a gun and shoot people. I had the worse anxiety attack and to make it even better I was all be myself at the house.

I have to turn the app in for the apartment, i need to go to the bank and deposit my check, then i have so much other bullshit to do.

I fucking hate all those people who don't or not even have a job but get money from fuck knows where then they ask me to do stuff with them and i can't because oh yeah that's right i have 2 fucking jobs.
(the above is actually to one specific person)

People fucking suck, lazy people actually. Get up off your asses and do something, fucking a is it so difficult to work or actually get out of the house.

I mean come on, see the daylight...fucktards.

I'm serious about shooting people, maybe one day during my mental breakdown i will...
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