kat (tink7) wrote,

Yay!! 21...

Okay sorry about the party on firday, but everyone decided that they would rather go to a graduation party then ours. haha

okay well not really, it's just that we were late on telling people.

well whatever i still had fun, on Sat went down to sixth hit up a lot of the bars. Great thing was that i didn't have to pay for any of my drinks. all these drunk people found out it was my 21st and i got bought so many shots. Yay!!! Well below are pics of the night.

I picked out the ones i look decent in. For some strange reason i can't take good pictures when i'm drunk. Go fig.

This is a cute one i guess. And no we aren't that smashed we were just blinking. Weird though.

Me and my sis

the girls.

Me and Chuck...okay here i was smashed.

Well my bday was awesome and I loved it.

Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy bday. I love u all.
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