kat (tink7) wrote,

I think i'm going to cry...

Mark never made the payments to cingular like he was supposed to, so now i'm in collections. Emailed him told him to pay said he didn't have money even though he has a really good paying job and has just recently gotten an apt. hmmm. that i should just pay it all. then proceeded to cal me trash etc.then told him he had an obligation to pay since he signed a contract with me. and that he needed to accept responsibilty. this is an exact quote from his email:

the hell with you and this contract crap. you really are depressing.

So told him that he still hasn't changed still patronizing and condescending and that i am not obligated to listen to it. he says that he has changed. I'm thinking not. here is how he responded:

I don't care what you think, which is why I'm all too happy to shaft you with the phone bill.

hmmm yeah. so i paid 50 today and on the 18th i pay 460. then this mess will all be over with. and mark will be out of my life for good. and i have learned my lesson in all this so you know what i'm not taking this as something bad but a good way to learn the conscequences of sharing important things with assholes.

so people after the 18th i am getting a new phone just under my name and never again will some patronizing ass cause me all these problems again.
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