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I got a cell phone...I got a cell phone. I am so excited let the calls begin.

NOt much happened this weekend, mom is still painting the house is redoing it since the flood of '04 and dad had a pretty good dad's day except the all his kids (except me because i was original) gave him cologne. I on the other hand sang him happy father's day song really loud. hey i'm broke well more like limited on funds so i can't afford anything. my baby charlie has a tooth infection so the vet said he has to have surgery on wednesday its not bad so no worries. he is just lathargic because he is hoped up on antibiotics and painkillers so he is being really calm not his usual ADDD doggy. Moving on July 2nd i am so excited, yay! oh yeah by the way gamestop sucks the balls i do not have so yeah so i am going to be quitting let me know if anybody knows of a part time job opening.
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